When Buying or Selling Real Estate, there are many items to consider . It is important that you ‘The Customer’ have all the facts when making your decision on which company and agent to help you get to where you want to be. Team Karie Parsons takes all this into consideration from the time that we first meet, to the closing process, and beyond. Karie is a SFR (Short Sale Foreclosure Realtor) and an ABR (Accredited Buyers Realtor).

Buying your home:

With buying a home several of the steps are similar to selling a home. In our first meeting we will discuss what it is you want in a home such as; preferred locations, purchase price, and loan approval process. Then we will set up an account for you on Reece and Nichols. is a web-site that will create and maintain a list of homes with your conditions.

Once we have narrowed down the search, we can schedule appointments, discuss and review homes in person, or by email. At this point we request a loan approval letter is complete and available. This will show listing agents that you are serious, and gives you more power during negotiations. Before making an offer we will do a market analysis to assess the sales for the area of the home. This will show what comparable homes are selling at. This will show the selling prices of comperable homes.


YOU are our priority. We believe that constant communication with you is imperative for a great working relationship. We work hard to keep you informed with the latest and most accurate information about your home and the real estate market in your area. At the same time we work hard to find the most effective ways to market your home to get it sold. Some of these tasks we perform include: listing your home with MLS and Reece and, constantly contacting other Realtors and Buyers, and reviewing the market in your area, informing you of the showings per home in your zip code, creating marketing materials for online and hard copy distribution.

About US:

Members of the Team Karie Parsons, are Realtor licensed in Kansas and some in Missouri. Karie has extensive knowledge in new construction homes and investment / rental properties. She is also certified and experienced in shotsale / foreclosures. Jon Parsons, a Realtor licensed in Kansas is experienced and knowledgable in residential sales and investment properties.

Task we do to when buying or selling your home:

Market Analysis
Walk through your home
Staging your home (No Charge)
Place your home on MLS, Post your home on Craigs-List and over 20+ other sites
Create your own personnel web page
Place a sign in the yard with pointer signs directing potiential home buyers to your address
Flyers in yard
Keep weekly updates on Reece and Nichols /Virtual Tour web activity
Monitor and present a weekly update on Zip Code Activity on Showings
Supply Feedback from showings
Update Pictures
Hold Open Houses
First day we will solicite other Realtors through MLS and Reec and Nichols. Reece & Nichols has an extensive
list of buyers that have requested information about homes like yours.
Monthly solicite other Realtors through MLS and Reece and Nichols
Create a Virtual Tour
Make sure all information and updates are posted within 24 hours to MLS, web-sites listed, and
other interested partites.
Let you know your competition, up to date comparables, determine marketability, stage, suggest best
selling practices, generate activitiy
Encourge Questions & Supply Answers
Create a Sell MyHome account to track your home’s showings and competition.
Make a remarkable Selling Experience

184 Things a Realtor Does for Clients

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